2019 ICC World Cup Prize Money Breakdown

CWC PRIZE MONEYCricket World Cup which used to organize by ICC has come again. In upcoming 2019 the new season of ICC World Cup will start and there total ten teams will take part. The Oldest cricket team England and Wales will be the host nation this time and so, they are the favourite in upcoming competition so far. Today we would like to consider the prize money of upcoming ICC World Cup 2019. ICC has recently revealed the prize money details and most amazingly it will be increased 40 percent than the last time. Besides, if we compare it with 2011 World Cup, then it is increased massive 60 percent as we speak. ICC will give total US$14 million prize money to the all ten participating teams there where the winner of the ICC World Cup 2019 will pocket around $5 million. Besides, for every match in round robin stage, the winning team will earn around $50,000.

Besides, the runner up of upcoming ICC World Cup 2019 will be awarded with $2.2 million prize money which is more than double considering the 2011 and also much more than last ICC World Cup 2015. Let’s see the full details of ICC World Cup 2019 prize money below.


Stage 2015 WC 2019 WC
Winner $3.975 million $4.8 million
Runner Up $1.75 million $2.2 million
2 Losing Semi Finalists $600,000 (each) $1 million (each)
8 Eliminated teams from group stages $300,000 each (quarter finalists) $500,000 (each)
Winning group stage match $45,000 (for every group match win) $50,000 (for every group match win)
Total $10 million $14 million

According to the above listed statistics, we have compared the prize money with 2015 World Cup and you can see the differences clearly. Two losing teams of semi final will pocket $1 million each which is almost double than the last time. Besides, eight eliminated teams from ground stage also be awarded with $500,000 each there.

Now, we are presenting before you the prize money history since 2003 ICC World Cup below.


Season QF (Losing Teams) SF (Losing Teams) Runner Up Winner Total
2003 $75,000 $200,000 $800,000 $2 million $4.5 million
2007 $175,000 $400,000 $1 million $2.4 million $5 million
2011 $225,000 $500,000 $1.5 million $3.2 million $8 million
2015 $300,000 $600,000 $1.75 million $3.9 million $10 million
2019 $500,000 (8 eliminated teams in group stage) $1 million $2.2 million $5 million $14 million

Facebook.comrom the above listed data, we can see that in 2003 the winner team got $2 million where the runner up earned only $800,000. Total prize money was provided by ICC was so mere than the current statistics. The total prize money in 2003 was $4.5 million and the upcoming World Cup 2019 prize money will be $14 million confirmed. In 2007, the prize money was increased. This time the total prize money was $5 million. In 2011, the prize money was almost doubled than 2003. The total prize money was increased to $8 million this time. In 2015, the total prize money was increased once again and it was $10 million total.

ICC World Cup is the most prestigious tournament in cricket and through the competition, each and every participating team can earn a huge amount of money in recent time.