ICC World Cup winners list since 1975 [One Day Cricket]

ICC World Cup Past WinnersICC World Cup which is the cricket World Cup used to stage once in every four years. The tournament started the journey in 1975 when it was hosted in England. In the very first episode, total eight teams took part there. Though, England is one of the oldest team in cricket history but as the home team, they failed to win the first title. They played semi final there and against Australia, they were lost by four wickets. Australia played final against West Indies and faced defeat. The very first winner was team West Indies and they successfully carried the result forward. They won the 2nd title of the tournament as well. Here we present below the ICC World Cup past winners list.


Episode Year Host Nation Winner Runner Up Venue
1st 1975 England West Indies Australia Lord’s, London
2nd 1979 England West Indies England Lord’s, London
3rd 1983 England India West Indies Lord’s, London
4th 1987 India, Pakistan Australia England Eden Gardens, Kolkata, India
5th 1992 Australia, New Zealand Pakistan England MCG, Melbourne, Australia
6th 1996 India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Australia Gaddafi Stadium, Lahore, Pakistan
7th 1999 England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, Netherlands Australia Pakistan Lord’s, London
8th 2003 Kenya, South Africa, Zimbabwe Australia India Wanderers, Johannesburg, South Africa
9th 2007 West Indies Australia Sri Lanka Kensington Oval, Bridgetown
10th 2011 Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka India Sri Lanka Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai, India
11th 2015 Australia, New Zealand Australia New Zealand MCG, Melbourne, Australia

England hosted the ICC World Cup consecutive three times which were the first three episodes. In the 2nd episode, once again eight teams took place there and once again England failed to win the title. But this time they played final against West Indies. England, New Zealand, West Indies and Pakistan played the semi final in 1979 where England and West Indies made it to the final. There West Indies beat England by 92 runs.

3rd time, England hosted the ICC World Cup 1983 and this time team England ruled out from the semi final. Their opponent was India. West Indies played final consecutive three times but failed to win the title for the 3rd times. India won the title for the inaugural time so far. This time in final, India beat the defending champion by 43 runs so far.

4th episode of the tournament took place in 1987 and hosted by the India and Pakistan. Both India and Pakistan made it to the semi final and had a chance to win the title in the home ground. But they both failed. Australia and England made it to the final and Australia won the tournament by 7 runs against England in final.

The 5th episode of the tournament took place in Australia in New Zealand for the first time but then Pakistan won the title in 1992 by defeating England. They won by  22 runs in final. In 1996, the ICC World Cup took place in India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka and the Lions won the title for the first time.They beat Australia by 7 wickets and Pakistan hosted the final match. In 1999, Australia won the tournament where they faced Pakistan in final but made an easy victory. Australia won the ICC World Cup consecutive three times in 1999, 2003 and 2007. In 2011, India won the tournament for the 2nd time but in 2015, Australia reclaimed the throne.